HK Arts Prize 2022: Colours of Humanity

The 2022 Arts Prize “Colours of Humanity” is now open for entries to all sectors of the Hong Kong Community. Entries will close at 5pm on 15 May 2022.


Let this be a place to express your hope for the future of our community.  We believe in the ability of Art to heal and to help us find ourselves. We are all artists. We create as one.

Entries can be made by any Hong Kong-based artist, and each artist can submit more than one entry. Submissions can be individual or group entries. Please submit a visual art piece, which may represent a music composition or soundscape, a dance, a piece of poetry, calligraphy, or drama.

We will be judging the entries on their effective expression of our core theme:  Colours of Humanity:  A society that respects difference.

As with previous years, we ask artists to consider the theme of Refugee and Migrant Rights, and for this year’s additional theme, we ask artists to explore the subject of LGBTQI+ rights and inclusivity.

There are four categories for entry;

1. Youth, for any entrant under the age of 18
2. Adult entry: trained artist - for any artist with formal arts training
3. Adult: Community entry - for any artist without formal training in visual arts
4. Adult: Team entry -  for any entry from a group consisting of both trained and untrained artists


User Entry Process Tutorial